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What and Why

Post by Admin on Sat May 02, 2015 12:57 am

Have you ever played a game that sucked so bad, but it still makes it to Steam? Have you ever wanted to warn your fellow gamers against buying the game on Steam, but found that you can't review the game on Steam without buying it on Steam? Then the dilemma: if the game sucks so bad, would it be worth spending the money just to warn people? What about the inevitable comments like "you only have 5 minutes of play time, so your review is stupid"? Maybe you want to start a discussion, or upload a screenshot of the game instead, but again, you have to buy it.

What if you have a game that you feel could easily make game of the year, but it's not on Steam? How do you recommend the game to your fellow gamers? What happens when you find a game on Desura that could use a thumbs up or thumbs down, but nobody you know is aware of Desura's existence? Add to that the fact that GOG is now running a downloadable client, and the problem compounds!

What if we factor in MMOs, flash games, browser-based Unity games, Kongregate, mods, consoles, game support, tech support, ETC? What if we had one place to share our opinions and knowledge about all things video game? Maybe we can....


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