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How and how

Post by Admin on Sun May 03, 2015 1:24 am

This is a free forum. The provider, Forumotion, puts minor banner ads on pages to help offset the cost of keeping everything running so like-minded people can have a place to discuss topics for free. We have no plans to monetize the forum. We don't want to ask you for money to help us. We don't have any merchandise to sell you for the sake of the forum. We just want to share honest game reviews and discussions without any of the BS. Sadly, this means you will have to deal with ads. If you're okay with that, read on. If not... scram!

Free sites of any type have limited capabilities, and since we don't have a built-in game database, we don't have an easy method of posting reviews for each game like one would find on Steam or the like. What we lack in efficiency, we believe we make up for with powerful features that Forumotion put into their boards.

The review categories and forums have been set up to keep threads in alphabetical order. If we are careful to start any new threads with the title of a game, we should slowly build up a comprehensive list. By combining topic icons, polls, and rating emoticons, we can give our opinions and write reviews of games while keeping an easy to use system. Furthermore, with the ability to embed images, video, spoilers, and quotes, we can give evidence to back up our opinions. The review sections have also been set to keep posts within threads in chronological order, starting with the newest post first, so you can always find the latest reviews and discussions about a game right away. This entire forum also has access to a hash tag system, using the standard # sign in front of a word to keyword tag a post. By using these tags, we can also cross reference genres, game series, characters, ETC, for ease of searching later.

Hopefully everything will work smoothly!


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